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As an Oregonian you have many options for your health insurance coverage. Major medical health insurance plans are usually the most affordable and therefore a good solution for individuals and families who want to protect their most valued assets while keeping their monthly deductible low. SmartHealth is a Portland, Oregon based health insurance brokerage that helps Oregonians find the best and most affordable health insurance. We represent all Oregon Health insurance Providers that offer both Major medical coverage, as well as comprehensive health insurance plans.

We most often hear “I am confused. There are so many different plans to choose from. Which one works best for me?”

This is a blessing and a curse. No two people are alike. All of the various providers (Insurance Companies) want to have their own personal approach to health care.
The fact is, we all have different needs to our health care. Our clients demand a plan to best suit their particular need. While all of our needs may differ greatly, these three main components prevail:
  1. Many people just want a basic “Insurance Plan” to cover them if they simply “get sick” or “get into a bad accident.” These plans are typically called “Major Medical” or “Catastrophic Plans.” These are usually the most affordable plans. They focus on protecting the major things we fight tooth & nail to keep. Such as our health, life, homes, assets etc.
  2. Some people like & need the option of a more “Comprehensive Plan.” One which will provide office co-pays for doctor visits etc. These plans usually have a Co-Pay option for Rx (Prescription) medicines, wellness, well baby visits etc. Many of these plans have great first dollar benefits for office services but will have a “Deductible” for more major events or lab, X-ray, or inpatient services etc.
  3. And yet, some folks want a very comprehensive, full coverage plan. These plans will have no deductible or a very small deductible for major services. These plans also have very small office co-pay for doctor visits etc. These plans may cost more per month in the monthly “Premium.”
Q: “What if my employer doesn’t offer me health coverage. Can I still get Health Insurance?”
A: This is a very common question. Regardless of employment status, you too can enroll for Health Insurance. Often times, an “individual plan” can cost 30-70% less than an employer sponsored plan. There are many Insurance companies that just do individual health insurance plans. Inquire now!
Q: “What about for the self employed/small business owner?”
A: We specifically work as “Benefit Specialists.” This simply means when somebody leaves a group plan from an employer or their parents plan, starting a new career, or simply becoming one of the many self-employed people of our community, we help them find an individual plan which will best suit their needs. We help alleviate the burden of the oftentimes confusing world of Portability & Cobra etc. As you may remember, we represent all major insurance carriers in the Individual market place.

At SmartHealth, we have realized over a decade ago that more and more Oregonians are becoming self-employed or small business owners. As a matter of fact, did you know that over 70% of Oregon’s economy is now owned by the Self-Employed &/or the small business? We have. It’s what we do.

*Click here for our glossary of terms.

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